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Super Space Boy II.

Defend Earth from Kang and his army of mutant aliens.
You control Super Space Boy SGT James " Doughnut " Dickens,  Jetpack Ace and defender of earth.

Can you fend off Kang's hoard before running out of fuel.

This is my entry to the Games Plus James  Games Plus Jam 2

v0.3 Game Jame Edition

Updated Game to have a faster bullet and shooting speed.
Lowered the difficulty level.
This is the final entry to the game jam any other version will be bug fixes after the game jam has ended.
See screen shot for game/menu controls.


Bug Fixes.
Hopefully fixed the bug where ships would spawn at player position.
Fixed issue with mouse disabling menu interaction and re disabled mouse.
Added Controls screen to start up to show you the controls before loading the main menu.

UWP v1.0

Xbox One version to side load if you have dev access on your Xbox One.


Install instructions

Extract and Run.

UWP Version.
Sideload to xbox via dev portal


Super Space Boy II - Game Jam Edition 31 MB
Super Space Boy II v0.4.zip 31 MB
Super Space Boy II UWP v1.0.zip 29 MB

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